Convenient for weekend pilots and ready for use in a variety of conditions. The frame of the trike is painted with powder paint, which has a high wear resistance. In addition to the standard color, we are ready to offer painting in any color.

Advantages of «LAROS-10» Trikess:
• best price / quality ratio;
• complete set according to the customer's needs;
• delivery from 3 weeks;
• easy Assembly-disassembly by one person;
• many years of operating experience;
• ability to send to regions;

It's possible to set
• bare frame without attachments;
• truck ready for power plant and instrumentation installation;
• fully stocked truck, equipped with an engine, instrument and equipment ready to install the wing on the customer's choice;
• ready-to-fly trike with wing, flown and ready for operation;
• installation of rescue system, ski landing gear, landing lights and equipment for twilight flights.

Quality in detail is the main priority of our work. This allows us to produce flight equipment at the level of world standards.

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Масса пустого дельталета
180 кг
Максимальная взлетная масса
360 кг
Площадь крыла
18,6 м2
Размах крыла
10,6 м
5 м/с
Скорость минимальная
45 км/ч
Скорость максимальная
105 км/ч