As an interim stage, a suborbital launch vehicle is being developed and will serve as a model for testing and technology development.
Experimentation of printed 3D liquid-fueled engine. The use of environmentally friendly fuel: LOX+LNG. Maximum payload mass (for the design height of 400 km) — 300 kg for an expendable rocket and 150 kg for a reusable rocket.
All these facts will help to create the technological start for further development and launching of single-stage orbital rocket.

Technical specifications:
Amount of stages – 1 but with separated payload mass
Launching weight, kg – 2100
Takeoff thrust, kgf – 2500
Engine pressure, bar – 50
Tanks pressure, bar – 8-10
Propellant-feed system – electrically driven pump
Maximum specific impulse in vacuum, s – 324


Количество ступеней
1, но отделяемая нагрузка
Стартовая масса, кг
Стартовая тяга, кгс
Давление в двигателе, бар
Давление в баках, бар
Система подачи топлива
Максимальный удельный импульс в вакууме, с