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LAROS Aircraft Company is one of the most successful and promising private companies in the aviation and space industry. Nowadays it is important and relevant to maintain the leading position of our country in the field of aircraft and rocket production.

The main activity of DB LAROS is the design and manufacture of LAROS-31 aerobatic aircrafts. The modernized aerobatic aircraft will become a demonstrator of Russian advanced technologies. The organization of modernization and resumption this type aircrafts’ serial production will allow to solve design and production problems in aircraft construction field as well as to create the world’s best aerobatic aircraft. Nowadays it is important and relevant to maintain the leading position of our country in the field of aircraft and rocket production.

Aviation sport is an indicator of country’s development and an obvious evidence of development level of the latest technologies in the field of aircraft construction in international community. In order to maintain the leading position of our country in the space industry, it is necessary to develop rapidly. The main task of private space companies is the application of the latest technologies and methods of equipment production, which will have a positive impact on the availability of space and, ultimately, will lead to new discoveries in various fields of science and technology. DB LAROS supports the main trend of our time — increasing the efficiency of launches through the creation of reusable space vehicles. The company’s assets include the development of its own reusable suborbital rocket and the creation of an orbital carrier for carrying micro and nano satellites into orbit. It is planned to provide a full range of launch services from own mobile launch pads. The aviation and space businesses support and complement each other at the development, technology and component level. The activity of DB LAROS is a positive example of private business participation in aviation and space projects.

We are aware of the need to move forward and are doing everything possible for this!

Avia projects


LAROS-31 aerobatic airplane

Russian-made aerobatic airplanes are recognized as the best in the world, having unique design features in loading pattern and aerodynamic configuration, standard system of ejector seats and can be operated with overloads up to +12/-10 g. The use of the latest technologies and materials will allow to create an aircraft that provides superiority over foreign analogues for the next 10 years.

LAROS-10 Trike

Some success has been achieved in the design and manufacture of modern gliders and trikes. Laros–10 is light and compact 2-seat trike for primary training and of-airfield flights. It provides easy assembling and disassembling by one person. It is comfortable for weekend-pilots. The trike has the possibility of mounting of rescue-system, ski landing gear, landing lights and equipment for flights in twilight.

LAROS-11 Glider

Ultra-light LAROS-11 Glider (up to 115 kg) is a unique offer in the aircraft market. The optimal combination of flight performance, mobility and reasonable price allows to get maximum pleasure from flight at the lowest possible cost. Compact and lightweight glider does not require separate parking space at the airfield and can be easily stored in garage in disassembled form. It does not require certification, registration and pilot license. It can be easily assembled by one person. An optional engine installation is available.


Liquid-propellant rocket engine «LAROS — RD-2500»

Application of additive technologies in the manufacture of basic units. The use of existing sectoral small test beds or creation relatively simple own ones. The use of production run equipment for mechanical treatment, welding, controlling and testing.

Reusable suborbital rocket «LAROS — RN1»

More affordable and economically justified development of all new technologies. Formation of the initial set of testing facilities, tools and equipment.

Оrbital carrier «LAROS – RN2».

Use of the innovative materials and industrial components make it possible to achieve a relatively low cost of launces. High technological effectiveness of all rocket’s components allows to provide the efficiency of launching services.

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