The Heads of AB «Laros»: Founder Larionov S Oleg and CEO Illinskiy A Vladimir took part in the championship of Russia in gliding.

From 1 to 6 October at one of the best glider airfields in the country «Usman-Sharshki» was held the championship of Russia in gliding in aerobatic classes. The main feature of aerobatic gliders is the technical suitability for safe performance of forward and reverse complex aerobatics, with vertical figures, with characteristic speeds and overloads. «This gliding experience is very important for aircraft development, — said Oleg Larionov, founder of AB «LAROS». – Moreover, it’s very usefu for our space project. For example, we can take some ideas for rocket’s landing.

This time, 11 pilots from several regions of Russia participated in the competition. Competitions were held in 3 disciplines:

  1. The unknown program is characterized by the fact that the content of the flight becomes known to the athlete only at a sports competition, and he has no opportunities for training under this program. The exercise is performed in the entire range of aerobatics catalog accepted on CIVA for unknown programs.
  2. The mandatory program runs throughout the range of aerobatics catalog accepted on CIVA for mandatory programs.
  3. The free program runs throughout the range of aerobatics catalog accepted on CIVA for free programs.

In each of the disciplines were assigned a fixed number of exercises, and in each exercises the pilot performed only one flight, which was estimated points by the judges. Classification, designation and difficulty coefficients of aerobatics are specified in the Aresti System adopted for use by the International Commission on aerobatics (CIVA), part of the FAI. Calculation of the final result was carried out in each discipline and in the all-around, that is, the sum of points in the disciplines.

Participation in competitions allows to improve the skills of pilot, apply technical and tactical skills in practice and share experiences with colleagues. All this is extremely important, both for athletes and for the promotion of gliding sports.