At the end of October the delegation of Aircraft Bureau «LAROS», headed by the President of the company Larionov S. Oleg, visited the scientific and production enterprise «Zvezda».

During the working visit, agreements were reached on the adaptation of the CS-2012 ejection system for the new LAROS-31 aircraft, full-scale tests of which will begin next year. "The choice of NPP Zvezda as a partner for us is quite obvious, — says the President of AB «LAROS» O. Larionov. «This is one of the oldest companies in the industry, whose experience allows us to create the best possible ejection systems».

The importance of installing the CS-2012 on the LAROS-31 aerobatic aircraft is difficult to overestimate. The system is designed to help the pilot in an emergency situation. And provides comfortable accommodation with secure fixation of the pilot or passenger in the cockpit and its safe emergency escape at flight speeds up to 400 km / h and altitudes from 30 to 4000 meters. The pilot will be able to safely eject, including from the state of «flat spin» and «steep spin». The seat itself is relatively light — its weight is 16.5 kilograms.

The adapted ejection system can become there the same standard in sports aviation, what today are seat belts in cars.