On November 28, President of the Air Craft Bureau «LAROS» Oleg Larionov delivered an open lecture at KNITU-KAI.

Kazan National Research Technical University named after A.N. Tupolev in this year became one of the venues for the intersectoral Olympiad «Technology Entrepreneurship.» The Olympiad under the auspices of AIRR (Association of Innovative Regions of Russia) is a chance for students in grades 8-11 to try themselves in breakthrough innovative projects and provide a foundation for future technology startups.

«Aviation technologies» is one of the key profiles of the Olympiad, of course, very relevant and important. “We have high hopes for those who are now graduating from schools and are determined with a life path,” says Oleg Larionov. “Therefore, it is so important not only to tell today's children about modern aircraft technologies, but to reveal to them the opportunities for self-realization that private aircraft and rocketry provide.”

The topic of the lecture, “How a Private Company Creates Airplanes of the Future,” caused a great response from the audience and gathered not only schoolchildren, but also all concerned students of the Technical University. Listeners learned about how the development of a new aircraft begins, how a 3D model is created, and how further tests and improvements are carried out. But the space project of the Laros Air Craft Bureau, which is already recognized by experts as one of the most promising in private Russian space exploration, was of particular interest. “Missile industry in our country is still perceived by many as something inaccessible and divorced from real life,” continues President of AB «LAROS». — Our task is to break this stereotype and thereby open new paths for scientific and technological development and space exploration.