On the 77th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War near Volgograd at the Srednyaya Akhtuba airfield and over the water area of the Volga River, the All-Russian competition in air race for the Great Victory Cup was held for the first time. 24 sportsmen from ten regions of Russia took part in the fight for the cup. The competition was held in two classes: jet aircraft (L-29) and piston aircraft (Yak-55, SU-29).

The competition was held with the sponsorship and participation of DB “LAROS”. The support of Russian Air Race is an important project for DB “LAROS”. This is comprehensive and ongoing work to revive the air sport, which is carried out in parallel with commercial development. “We consider it important to help air sports and be proud of sportsmen’ victories”, says Oleg Larionov, President of DB “LAROS”.

Traditionally, the leaders of DB “LAROS” showed their skills in piston aircraft races. We congratulate company’s CEO Vladimir Ilinskiy with well-deserved second place.
On May 9, in honor of Victory Day, the sportsmen showed the demonstration flights over the Volga River. We express gratitude to President of DB “LAROS” Oleg Larionov for the brilliant commentary work of demonstration performance.
The All-Russian competition in air race for the Great Victory Cup opened 2022 season and became the first race in competition calendar of “Russian Air Race” project this year.