We will present a project of new LAROS-31 sports aerobatic aircraft on our stand and a stand for fire tests of liquid propellant engine on hydrogen peroxide and aviation kerosene.

It will also be possible to get acquainted with the project of reusable suborbital and orbital rocket. MAKS holds one of the leading positions among the world's largest aviation forums and it is well-deserved. The main objective of MAKS is to demonstrate Russian high technologies and receptiveness of the domestic Russian market to joint projects with foreign partners. The Salon is sponsored by President of the Russian Federation. This is a guarantee of a high level of organization and representativeness.

MAKS provides a comprehensive insight into the priorities and achievements of the Russian aerospace industry. MAKS provides a unique opportunity to experts in the field and businessmen for establishing multi-level connections, further developing industrial cooperation and finding new business partners. The key role of the Aviation Salon as a generator of new alliances and productive ideas is recognized worldwide.